Who is Farm Compliance Services (FCS) and what do we do?  

FCS is a team of expert Agronomists and Environmental Permitting Professionals. We specialize in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) permit compliance and Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP/NMP) development. Specifically, we help farms do the following: Capture farm data and provide strategic insights; Meet complex State and Federal permitting requirements; Implement a CNMP that makes sense for your farm; Improve farm efficiency and fertilizer utilization; and Lower cost-of-production.


Why does it matter? 

Aside for the simple fact that you may enjoy building a sustainable farm, environmental regulations are now a reality for every farm and impact all size operations. State and federal laws governing clean water and air continue to broaden. Ever-increasing enforcement requires farms to adapt to changing environmental regulations and farm efficiency expectations. Farms must continue to modernize and adapt to serve the changing landscape of food production and consumer demands. Today, more than ever, a farm must have the ability to accurately keep records, utilize farm data, and employ a plethora of options which improve efficiency, attend to environmental concerns, and lead to a more profitable operation. 


Do you need a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan or CAFO Permit? 

We are here to provide you with useful farm information about the latest regulations and developments with State Water quality laws, State CAFO permit regulation, and Federal USDA-NRCS's programs (CAP - CNMP/NMP conservation program planning). Most importantly, FCS can help you find solutions to growing your farm while meeting all of today's environmental regulations. 


Please reach out with inquiries in Michigan, New York, and Vermont.

David Weber, FCS Director, National. Phone: 802.318.1413

Matt Kittredge, FCS Manager, VT. Phone: 802.377.2779